38 Waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Hello friend, how are you ?! Today we will bring you no less than 38 reasons to visit our Chapada dos Veadeiros (in fact, there are many more than these, but right now we will focus “only” on the Chapada dos Veadeiros waterfalls).

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Tip 1: In the Chapada dos Veadeiros region, there are many distant waterfalls that are worth visiting. Rent a car and meet them on your own!

Tip 2: If you want help with setting up your trip, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We make a budget with a good price!

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Waterfalls at the Parque Nacional (National Park)


1 – Cânion 2 (Canyon 2)

Trail made generally in conjuction with Cariocas. My favorite. ❤ It’s a perfet place to please your eyes, body and soul!

Canyon 2 at the Nacional Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros
Canyon 2 at the Nacional Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 1 km

Trail Round trip: (starting from the park entrance – 11 km)

Difficulty: Medium

Entrance: Foreign Visitors: R$ 36; Foreign Mercosur Visitors: R$ 27;

Find out more in the ICMBio table of values.


2 – Cariocas

From the Canyon 2 you walk a thing of 800 meters to get here. Near the waterfall a steep descent awaits you. The landscape is very beautiful  so concentrate during descent so as not to get hurt.


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 1 km

Trail Round trip: starting from the park entrance – 11 km

Difficulty: Medium

Entrance: Foreign Visitors: R$ 36; Foreign Mercosur Visitors: R$ 27;

Find out more in the ICMBio table of values.

From the waterfalls of the Chapada dos Veadeiros this is one of the most beautiful options. Placing it in your script is almost a must (especially for those who come the first time).


3 – Saltos do Rio Preto, Corredeiras e Carrossel – Trilha dos Saltos (Jumps Trail)

Saltos 120 meters (only for contemplation) and 80 meters (this one is suitable for bathing). They are the best reward for anyone who walked about 6 km to get there. Recently, the Carrossel (Carousel Trail) was opened, which guarantees another pleasant bath.

Walk a little more and get to the Corredeiras. There is even a project that guarantees accessibility to them. A suspension trail designed for people with reduced mobility or Carriers of Special Needs. Learn more here.


Is it or is it not one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros?


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 1 km

Trail Round trip: (starting from the park entrance – 11 km)

Difficulty: Medium

Entrance: Foreign Visitors: R$ 36; Foreign Mercosur Visitors: R$ 27;

Find out more in the ICMBio table of values.


4 – Cânion 1 (Canyon 1)

Natural habitat of the Pato Mergulhão (Brazilian Merganser), a species of bird that is threatened with extinction. And, exactly for that reason, the waterfall is almost infrequent. Access is only allowed when the animal is not in the breeding period, that is, during the drought period, in the Travessia das Sete Quedas.


In the past, there was free visitation at this point, but for the preservation of the bird, which is quite rare and in serious danger of being extinct, access is only allowed during the Travessia das Sete Quedas.

⏩Distant 3.8 km from the entrance to the National Park.


5 – Sete Quedas (Seven Falls)

On this trail it is necessary to stay overnight (camp). There are 23,5 km of crossing, in 1, 2 or 3 days of adventure! We had the immense pleasure to cut it off from the Chapada dos Veadeiros program list. Details are in that post.

⏩ In this crossing you pass through three different bathing points: Cânion 1, Fiandeiras (Spinners) and Sete Quedas.

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 1 km

Trail Round trip: 23,5 km

Difficulty: Hard

Entrance: R$18


6 – Cachoeira do Abismo (Abyss Waterfall)

Part of one of the most sought after attractions of Chapada dos Veadeiros, Mirante da Janela (Window Lookout). The Abyss Waterfall is actually a little bit divided into two or three falls. Small, it only becomes attractive in times of rain, because during the dry season it dries completely.


Among the options of waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros, this is one of the smaller (in size). Being best enjoyed in low season.

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: Just over 1 km. It is not the same entrance as the National Park, but it is part of it.

Difficulty: to the Abyss Falls: Easy. But the entire trail to Mirante da Janela is average/difficult.

Entrance: R$ 15.

*Mirante da Janela is part of the National Park, and the new management plan foresees changes and improvements to the attraction (let’s wait).

7 – Vale da Lua (Moon Valley)

Extremely famous due to its formations that resemble the satellite of our planet, the Valley of the Moon is also much sought after as it is an easy access point for both those who come by car and because of the trail that is little more than 1 km. Find out more here.

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 10 km

Trail Round trip: 1,2 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20


8 – Morada do Sol (Sunshine Address)

Leaving from São Jorge towards Colinas do Sul. The trail that leads to the natural pools is easy. There is the waterfall, the pools and the canyon, where you can take your jumps and relax for hours. The tip is: go during the morning and watch the sun light up those waters and rocks. The vision is very beautiful!

Apparently, there is an inn in the same area of the waterfall, which has the same name.

38 waterfalls in chapada dos veadeiros

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 5 km

Trail Round trip: 2 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20


9 – Raizama

One of the waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros closer to the second entrance of São Jorge, towards Colinas do Sul. The attraction as a whole offers shallow natural pools (ideal for children), deeper (narrow) pools and canyons.

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: Less than 4 km from the second entrance of the city

Trail Round trip: 2,3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20

Best season: November to July. During the floods, between November and May, the look should change completely, making it even more beautiful.


10 – Cachoeira do Segredo (Secret’s Waterfall)

Let’s tell this secret to you. This waterfall deserves a very complete post! It’s a rare jewel. In it there are natural swimming pools in green tones that enchant. A trail that provides the pure contact with the cerrado in its most preserved form, and the Waterfall that gives its name to the complex, exuberant. It’s a waterfall of over 100 meters!

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: About 10 km from the second entrance of the city.

Trail Round trip: In drought season, moderate level trail – about 3.5 km one way. In times of rain, smaller cars do not cross some points, so the trail becomes 8 km (one way).

Difficulty: Moderate (during drought)

Entrance: R$35

Best season: It depends. During the drought there is a greater facility because the trail is shorter. But it is during the rainy season that a beautiful big fall comes up.


11 – Encontro das Águas (The Meeting of Waters)

A place where the rivers São Miguel and Tocantinzinho meet. Located about 14 km after São Jorge’s Village , towards Colinas do Sul. Very close to Eden. Learn more here.

38 waterfalls in chapada dos veadeiros

Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 14 km

Trail Round trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$10

12, 13, 14 e 15 – Cordovil, Esmeraldas, Encontro e Rodeador

Yes, these are 4 different points for bathing, but that are located in the same property: Fazenda Volta da Serra. They are, in fact, three waterfalls of the Chapada dos Veadeiros and one natural swimming pool. And access? So easy (up to the property) that it gets ridiculous that we have not gone before!


12 – Cachoeira do Cordovil

We have known this beauty recently. What a wonderful discovery! There are 44 meters of freefall and 3 of depth. Nothing too sumptuous, but still very beautiful!

Trail Round trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate


13 – Cachoeira do Rodeador

The first of the options. Closer to the beginning of the trail, but the tip is to visit last.

38 waterfalls in chapada dos veadeiros


Trail Round trip: 700 m

Difficulty: Easy


14 – Cachoeira do Encontro (Encounter Waterfall)

New track. Access to this waterfall was recently opened. It is located 300 meters before Cordovil.

38 waterfalls in chapada dos veadeiros

Trail Round trip: 2,7 km

Difficulty: Easy


15 – Poço das Esmeraldas (Emerald Well)

Love at first sight! I confess I was excited to know this pool. Is it or isn’t it beautiful to see!?


Trail Round trip: 2,7 km

Difficulty: Easy


16 – Vale Dourado (Golden Valley)

A place of immense variety of natural attractions, such as beaches, islands, rapids, large pools of clear water of various lengths, depths and widths, as well as virgin forests formed by their forests. There you can rent a round float tube. Look!

Distance from Alto Paraíso: 12 km

Trail Round trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20


17, 18 e 19 – Almécegas 1, Almécegas 2 e São Bento

The darlings of most visitors who come in search of the Chapada dos Veadeiros Waterfalls (at least, the most famous). Easy access, relatively close to the main city and the beauty and exuberance of these three waterfalls, form the right ingredients to attract hundreds of tourists daily!


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 8 km

Trail Round trip: 4 km

Difficulty: Easy and Moderate

Entrance: R$40,00 (R$ 15 only São Bento)


20 – Praia do Jatobá

River beach with calm waters and still little known in Chapada dos Veadeiros. So, an ideal place for families with children and those who want to escape the crowded waterfalls in high season.


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 11 km – Towards Colinas do Sul.

Trail Round trip: 400 m

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: No data available


21 – Valle das Pedras 

Very close to the São Jorge’s Village, this valley is a river formed by several crystalline wells. Apparently, there are plenty of natural whirlpools.


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: between 1 and 5 km (depending on where you leave São Jorge’s Village)

Trail Round trip: 1 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: No data available


22 – Lajeado

Waterfall made up of two falls, where the second resembles a natural toboggan run. Due to its ease of access and low depth, it is another ideal spot for children.


Distance from São Jorge’s Village: 11 km – Towards Colinas do Sul.

Trail Round trip: 500 m

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: No data available


23 – Loquinhas

Our passion in Alto Paraíso. Of the Chapada dos Veadeiros waterfalls, Loquinhas is definitely among the best options. Here you will find another landscape that will be marked for the rest of your life. Composed of several greenish water wells for you to enjoy. The location is very easy to reach and the trail is very easy.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 5 km

Trail Round trip: 1,6km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20,00


24 – Cristais (Crystals)

A recreation center in Chapada dos Veadeiros. Easy access point and super structured. Located in Alto Paraíso, there are waterfalls, wells and all the support for those who want to relax: restaurant, camping area, snack bar and rest area. We were at Crystals recently.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 8 km

Trail Round trip: 500m

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20,00


25 – Água Fria (Cold Water)

A beautiful waterfall that lives up to its name. This waterfall is accessible through Crystals or through its own entrance. There is an easily accessible viewpoint where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the biome and other waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 8 km

Trail Round trip: 500m

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20,00 (if accessed from Crystals).


26 – Sertão Zen

A little more intense walk, which requires some physical preparation. In this trekking some adventurers prefer to camp (wild camping). This attraction consists of waterfalls, viewpoints and typical vegetation of the Cerrado.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 4 km

Trail Round trip: 18 km

Difficulty: hard

Entrance: free


27 – Anjos e Arcanjos (Angels and Archangels)

Located in the village of Moinho, about 15 km from the city of Alto Paraíso, these waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros are still little sought after by visitors who come to Chapada. They are excellent requests for those who want to escape the crowding of high season. To access them you must arrive at the parking at Solarion Farm and introduce yourself to the owner (who is not Brazilian, maybe he understands english).


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 15 km

Trail Round trip: 2,4 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$15,00

⏩ In addition to being a great alternative during the high season, the waterfalls are also ideal for those looking for a nice bath, contemplating an always beautiful landscape during the dry periods (June to October). The volume of water is always favorable because they are large.


28 – Macaquinhos (Little Monkeys)

A beautiful complex of waterfalls and  canyons. Leaving Alto Paraíso, continue towards Brasília for 15 km. There is an entrance on the left (signposted with a waterfall sign). The next 30 km are dirt road and a lot of dust. You can find the full post here.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 45 km

Trail Round trip: 4 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$30,00

⏩ The terrain to the Macaquinhos is very rough. So, if you go by car with simple traction, leave it 1 km before the entrance (you will know when to stop when you encounter a very steep descent).


29 – Vale do Rio Macaco (Monkey River Valley)

Another beautiful complex of waterfalls and canyons. Apparently, the place is not easily accessible. Most visitors take the trekking called Travessia Leste (Crossing East), which contains Sertão Zen + Vale do Rio Macaco. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much information about this place other than those already said. But the beauty of the photos makes us want to go there and know what it is all about.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: There is no data accuracy.


30 – Cataratas dos Couros (Leather Falls)

Because beauty here is forest – and stone walls, waterfalls, birdsong… it’s Cerrado, it’s LIFE!

My treasure! One of the best experiences for those who are in Chapada dos Veadeiros. This monstrosity makes us feel like children when we win a toy. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite spots, one of the best waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros. It is among the top 5! Here it is interesting to hire a guide, as the dirt road is not signposted.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 50 km

Trail Round trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: Free


31 – Cachoeira do Papagaio (Parrot Waterfall)

Located in the Big Tree Farm, 16 km from Cataratas dos Couros. The river that runs through this waterfall is the Rio dos Couros (Leather’s River). The Cachoeira do Papagaio is this beauty that you see below. You can enjoy that delicious bath and after hours of diving, energies are restored with a farm lunch. The detailed post is here.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 20km of asphalt + 15 km of dirt road

Trail Round trip: there is not. The car is parked right next to the waterfall

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$ 15,00 for foreign visitors and R$ 10,00 for local residents

⏩Lunch at this farm costs: R$ 40. Self service by order from 8 people.


32 – Poço Encantado (Enchanted Well)

Is anyone interested in knowing about a suitable place for the whole family !?
It was here that I brought mine, we had a delicious day!! Here the trail is very short and there is a beach space, with a lot of sand and a shallow part, which will deepen as we enter. The space also has a coffee shop, restaurant, lifeguard and an inn.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 52 km

Trail Round trip: 300m

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$20,00


33 – Cachoeira Santana

Located approximately 10 km from Cavalcante, this waterfall was part of my list of distant wishes, because when I heard about it the first time, the access was extremely limited. Only for family and friends of the owners of the space. Until one day, I met the owner of the space. Liz @lizleone is the granddaughter of the people who live there. It was Liz who decided to make this waterfall closer to us. ?


The waterfall is formed by a wall of 80 meters, a gigantic well and several natural pools. Another advantage: the trail is very short, only 700 meters to the first bathing point. Is it or is it not an excellent request for waterfall at Chapada dos Veadeiros?

38 waterfalls in chapada dos veadeiros
A natural infinity pool like that. Okay or want more?


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 100 km

Trail Round trip: 700 meters to the first well and another 800 meters to the natural infinity pool

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance: R$60

  • Access to the area where the waterfall is, on the 10 km route, is not easy for a low car. We went with our Toyota Etios because we are stubborn insistent, but he suffered a lot … lol.


34 – Cachoeira Santa Bárbara

Our precious jewel, in its most beautiful emerald green tone. To get there read the tips in this post



⏩ Access to Santa Bárbara is limited to 300 people per day – 50 at a time.
⏩ If you are in Chapada dos Veadeiros during high season (vacation months, holidays, or even on weekends), you should arrive in Cavalcante WELL EARLY and try to visit the waterfall as soon as possible.
⏩ Maybe you are required to visit another waterfall before it. Do not worry. Just make sure your name is on the visitor list.
⏩ It is mandatory to hire a guide (for this and other waterfalls in this region. Guides from the Kalunga community are cheaper than those coming from Cavalcante.
⏩ The best accommodation option for you who are dying to see this pearl of the Cerrado is Cavalcante, or the Kalunga Community itself.
⏩ Distance between Alto Paraíso and Cavalcante: 90km.
⏩ Total distance from Brasília to the Kalunga community: +/- 350 km (the final 30 km is of dirt road).


Note: To get to Santa Bárbara you must take a van (which we call Jardineira), or face a 5 km trail.

Distance from Alto Paraíso: 120 km

Trail Round trip: 10 km – it can be done on foot or by Jardineira.

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$20,00 + guide


35 – Capivaras (Capybaras)

A waterfall that you will probably experience together with Santa Bárbara. If you want sun, there you will have it. It is formed by some pools, and of course, a waterfall.

cachoeiras da chapada dos veadeiros - goais - capivaras

Distance from Alto Paraíso: 120 km

Trail Round trip: 4 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$10,00


36 – Candaru

This waterfall is an attack on the mental health of any living being! Gigantic, imposing, stunning! It is a case of fulminating passion in my life!

⏩ Close to Santa Bárbara. There is only one way to get there: a 12 km trail (round trip)

⏩ Two giant waterfalls ✔
⏩ Three natural pools ✔
⏩ Where the ☀ shines all the time.✔
⏩ R $ 10
⏩ You need a guide, who can be hired in the city of Cavalcante or in the Kalunga Community.


Distance from Alto Paraíso: 120 km

Trail Round trip: 12 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$10,00


37 – Complexo do Rio Prata (Silver River Complex)

Rei do Prata e outras 7 cachoeiras (Silver’s King Waterfall and another 7)

People, if I list all the waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros, the post will never be ready EVER (lol). The Complexo do Rio Prata is inevitably one of the most beautiful places in the entire Chapada dos Veadeiros. We have already explored each one, no less than 7! Is it good for you?

The complex of seven Rio Prata waterfalls is 67 km from Cavalcante. It is one of the most sought after attractions by tourists and takes a day to visit. Access is via the Cavalcante-Minaçu dirt road, followed by a 6 km hike of trails that lead to the sequence of falls with bathing wells in transparent waters. (source: turismo.gov.br)

To get to know this much of Chapada dos Veadeiros waterfalls, making better use of the day, the ideal is to go in times of drought, between May and July.

Now take another large quantity of waterfalls in the Cavalcante region:

  • Fazenda Veredas (Cachoeiras Veredas, Veredinha, Poço Encantado, Véu de Noiva e Toca da Onça)
    Veredas Farm (Veredas Waterfalls, Veredinha, Bridal Veil and Jaguar Cave)
  • Ponte de Pedra (Stone Bridge)
  • Mirante da Nova Aurora (New Dawn Viewpoint)
  • Mirante da Cachoeira Ave Maria (Holly Mary Waterfall Viewpoint)
  • Cachoeiras Santana e Cozido (Santana and Cooked Waterfalls)
  • Vale das Araras (Cachoeira São Bartolomeu)
  • Cachoeira Barroco (7 cachoeiras no Rio Almas )
  • Cachoeira Boa Brisa (Good Breeze Waterfall)
  • Praia do Rio Almas (River’s Souls Beach)
  • Cachoeirinha do córrego Lava-pés (Waterfall of the Footwash Stream)
  • Salto Curriola
  • Salto do Canjica (Hominy Jump)
  • Cachoeira Juliana
  • Cachoeira Garimpão (Gold Miner Waterfall)
  • Cachoeira Bom Jesus (Good Jesus Waterfall)
  • Cachoeira Santo Antônio
  • Cachoeira Tamanduá (Anteater Waterfall)

⏩List source: Guia Kalunga


38 – Cachoeira do Label

We had been flirting with this gem for a while. Guys, look at the size of this waterfall !! There are almost 200 meters of seawall (187 to be more precise), native forest and jumping! Label is located in São João D’Aliança (city that is the portal of Chapada dos Veadeiros). And it took for itself the title of largest waterfall in the Midwest Region. Yes, it can be even higher than Salto do Itiquira.

The entire trail is 1.8km; medium degree of difficulty. The name Label comes from a quilombola community that was located at the top of the waterfall. There are still traces of occupation on the site. (Source: Sítio Amarelo). 

Learn more in our post: Cachoeira do Label – Uma das Maiores Cachoeiras do País está em Veadeiros.


Distance from São João da Aliança: 25 km

Trail Round trip: 1,8 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Entrance: R$20,00 (free for residents of Chapada dos Veadeiros, proving with voter registration)

⏩Thinking about where to stay in São João D’Aliança? Know that you can camp in the area of this immense waterfall. Exactly! If you want more details, contact Mariana, via direct at Instagram  @cachoeiradolabel.

⏩Another option is to stay in an ecological space providing comfort and security at the same time. know more here.

São João D’Aliança Waterfalls

List of São João D’Aliança waterfalls:

  • Bocaina do Farias;
  • Cachoeira do Cantinho (Corner’s Waterfall);
  • Vale do São Pedro I e II (Valley of São Pedro I and II);
  • Cachoeira São Cristóvão;
  • Cachoeira do Bonito;
  • Cascatas do Dominguinhos;
  • Cachoeira das Andorinhas (Swallows Waterfall);
  • Balanço do Mário (Mario’s Balance).

Remembering that this list does not include the various trails and viewpoints that complement the attractions. There is also the Águas Termais do Éden (Thermal Waters of Eden) and Morro Vermelho (Red Hill).

This list was created based on the waterfalls of Chapada dos Veadeiros that we already know, in the “booklet” Semeá Veadeiros, Edition no. 3 2017 and with the help of Nivaldo, from Buenas Dicas Blog, which listed 24 options. (Thanks man, it helped a lot!;))

38 Waterfalls at Chapada dos Veadeiros

What’s up buddy? Did you like our overdose of Chapada dos Veadeiros waterfalls ?! What are the effects being? Perhaps a certain mental disturbance from knowing that you will not have enough life to know them all? Do not be sad. High five, we’re in this together.

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